Welcome to Jax Zero!

We’re on a mission to go beyond recycling to offer our Jacksonville neighbors a new option.

With our delivery service, you’ll find products that are natural, non-toxic, better for people AND better for the planet.

Why rebuy when you can refill?

Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution

How does this work?

Choose from either a new product or a refill.

New products will come as pictured in a container you keep. Refills will be delivered in one of our containers for transfer to your own. 

When you’re running low on items, place your online refill order. Leave your prior refill container out on delivery day, and we’ll pick it up when we drop off your new order.

We’ll sanitize and reuse the container for another refill (yeah Earth!) and send you a coupon code for the deposit amount (yeah you!).

It’s that simple.