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Aloe + Tea Tree Shampoo Bar


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Aloe and tea tree shampoo bar for dandruff-prone hair

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This shampoo bar boasts a natural tea tree scent and thoroughly cleans the scalp while helping to prevent dandruff.

With such a concentrated formula, each bar lasts 50-60 washes. 

As with all Bestowed Essential products, it is free from the parabens, sulphates, preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances often found in commercial products.

Ingredients: aloe vera juice, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide (none remains in the finished bar), unrefined shea butter, castor oil, tea tree essential oil

How to use: Rub bar between wet hands to create a foamy lather, then work that lather into scalp with your hands. A little lather goes a long way, you do not need to completely cover your hair in bubbles!

Do not rub bar directly onto hair, as this will likely result in too much product in one spot. Rinse out thoroughly.

If you feel residue remaining in your hair afterwards, likely caused by hard water reacting with the saponifed oils, rinse your hair with a 50/50 water + apple cider vinegar solution. Vinegar smell will evaporate once hair is completely dry, and the vinegar will also act as a natural conditioner to help soften + de-frizz your hair.

The 4 oz soap comes unpackaged or in a recyclable metal tin.

Bar shampoo offers a much lower carbon footprint than liquid shampoo.

Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Plastic-Free | Zero Waste

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Weight 4 oz

Metal Tin, Unboxed


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