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Deluxe Facial Set

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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Elevate your daily skincare routine with this beautiful tool. Embrace your inner beauty while leaving your skin glowing!

Rolling the rose quartz over your skin in a specific pattern not only feels amazing (cool, soothing, and relaxing), it also increases the penetration and effectiveness of serums and creams while aiding in lymphatic drainage, de-puffing and detoxing skin, increasing circulation, and improving tone.

Rose Quartz is believed to be a healing crystal that releases fear and negativity and increases self love by softening the heart, opening it to love and allowing you to see your own radiant beauty as it is. You know those days when you look in the mirror and only see the flaws? It helps with that 🙂

Facial rollers have been used in Chinese culture for centuries as a beauty tool to improve skin tone and luminosity while reducing stress and anxiety via self facial massage.

How To:

Gently glide over clean skin using only the weight of the roller (don’t press into skin) for 5-10 minutes in the patterns shown below. Start at the neck, then move up to the forehead and work down the face. Use at least 3 strokes of the roller on each area and roll from the center of the face outward (ie don’t roll it back and forth like a paint roller). Use 1-3 times a day, as desired.

massage map

You can also chill the tool in your refrigerator for a cooling massage (especially wonderful for de-puffing under your eyes).

To use with Elasticity Serum:

 1. Cleanse skin, tone, and apply Elasticity Serum.

2. Massage using the technique for lymphatic drainage.

3. Apply moisturizer, or more serum. Voila!

Cleaning Instructions:

Clean your Rose Quartz roller with a damp cloth or cotton ball. Do NOT submerge as this may weaken the roller attachments.

Elasticity Serum

Deeply moisturizes, tones, and enhances skin’s elasticity with the power of organic botanicals.

Daily use reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and slack or sagging skin, while leaving skin deeply nourished and glowing. 

Elasticity is light and easily absorbed, penetrating the skin without leaving an oily residue behind. A skin supportive blend of organic essential oils including rosemary, mint, geranium, and lavender offers a refreshing aromatherapeutic experience.

Instructions: After cleansing, gently massage 2-3 drops into still-damp skin. Can be used both morning and evening as well as under makeup. 

For stretch mark prevention: massage gently into belly, hips, & breasts (and any other areas that feel itchy or taut) morning and night. Applying right after a bath or shower, while skin is still slightly damp, will supercharge the effects of the serum. Exfoliating while bathing will help prepare your skin to absorb the serum and boost effectiveness.

Ingredients: hazelnut oil, organic rosemary essential oil, organic spearmint essentail oil, organic geranium essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, non-GMO tocopherol (vitamin E).

Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Formulated especially for sensitive skin, this natural face mask refreshes your skin while providing gentle exfoliation from ground herbs.

As with all Bestowed Essential products, it is free from the parabens, sulphates, preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances often found in commercial products.

kaolin clay, ground oats, ground dried lavender buds, ground dried chamomile flowers, Brazilian purple clay

How to use:
Mix a nickel sized amount of powder with a quarter size amount of a liquid of your choice (our face toner, aloe vera, witch hazel, diluted apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, herbal tea or just plain water – you can get many different benefits all from one bottle of face mask powder. Rub paste onto face in a slow circular motion. Let sit for 10 minutes before removing with damp washcloth.

By mixing your masks as you use them, you avoid the need for preservatives.

2 oz glass bottle made of 30% recycled glass and a metal lid.


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