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Dental Set


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Everything you need to get your low waste dental routine going

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Every part of Brush with Bamboo’s Adult toothbrush is plant-based: bristles, handle, and box.

  • Soft bristles made from 100% Castor Bean Oil. USDA Certified 100% Biobased. Bristles made in Germany.
  • The handle is made from Organic Bamboo.
  • The box encasing the toothbrush is made from paper – no tape or glue is used.
  • Your bamboo toothbrushes can be used for just as long as plastic toothbrushes.
  • USDA Certified Biobased. Green American Certified. Vegan. BPA-Free. Natural and Non-toxic.
Tooth Powder

Avoid common chemicals like fluoride, triclosan + BPA with this naturally flavored mint and charcoal tooth powder

This tooth powder contains no parabens, sulphates, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances.

It’s low (70-90) on the RDA scale, making it safe to use daily.

The 2.5 oz jar lasts for approximately 150 uses / 75 days.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, baking soda, calcium carbonate, activated charcoal, spearmint + peppermint essential oil

Jar is made of 50% recycled glass with a 100% recycled cork top.

Dental Lace

Includes one Dental Lace container with one 33 yard spool of compostable silk floss inside the container and one refill spool for a total of 66 yards of floss. 

Dental Lace Specifications
  • Glass container = ½” diameter X 2”
  • Stainless Steel lid with floss cutter = ½”diameter X ½”
  • Polylactic acid bags created from the lactic acid in plants. Certified compostable = 2”X2”
  • 100% Silk Floss =33 Yard per spool.
  • Candelilla wax.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil 
  • Waterproof poly label  2 ¼” X 1 ½ .”
  • Boxes 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and PCF free.  Manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Printed with soy-based inks.


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