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Grooming Mist for Dogs


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For quick spruce-ups between shampoos, this all natural deodorizing and cleansing mist for your furry four legged friend!

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No more chemical-laden disposable wipes, now you can green up your pet care too.

Spray on your pet’s fur and/or paws, and wipe with a dry or damp washable cloth.

Just enough handmade liquid soap and vinegar are added to the formula to break down any dirt or smelly stuff that might be in your pooch’s fur.

The scent of sweet orange and cedarwood leaves Little Gus (pictured) smelling less like what he rolls in, and more like he’s been freshly groomed. 

4 ounces, packaged in an aluminum spray bottle.

Please refill, reuse, or recycle the bottle.

ingredients: water, handmade liquid soap, distilled vinegar, aloe juice, optiphen paraben free preservative, sweet orange essential oil, cedarwood essential oil


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