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Kitchen Cleaning Set

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Get the kitchen clean with all natural products and accessories

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Beechwood & Sisal Fiber Kitchen Dish Brush

Swap plastic dish brushes in the kitchen with our 100% biodegradable beechwood and sisal fiber dish brush.

The head is removable and replaceable.  This kitchen brush has a beechwood handle with sisal fiber (agave plant) bristles. Minimally fastened together with a metal wire & metal loop to hang to dry.

Size: Brush with handle is 9″ in length.

Care Instructions: Hang to dry in between uses, on a dry towel or elevated to allow bristles to drain. Never leave submerged in water as it will wear on the wood causing it to crack or may cause the natural bristles to fall out. Heads last about 6 months, and handles last a couple of years.

Wood is naturally antimicrobial, but if you need to clean your brushes, clean bristles with vinegar to kill bacteria.

Scrub Brush for Pots & Pans

Ergonomic wooden handle with sisal plant fiber bristles (agave plant). This brush is 100% Biodegradable!

Multipurpose: Great for dishes, vegetables, or household cleaning. 

Care Instructions: Store on a dry towel or elevated to allow bristles to drain in between uses. Never leave submerged in water as it will wear on the wood causing it to crack or may even cause the natural bristles to fall out. Wood is naturally antimicrobial, but if you need to clean your brushes, clean with vinegar to kill bacteria.

Solid Dish Soap

This solid dish soap is the perfect solution to one of the hardest zero waste swaps.

It creates a bubbly lather that easily takes care of tough messes, all without the use of parabens, sulphates, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances.

How to use:
Rub damp sponge or dish scrubber on top of the soap block to create a lather, then use that lather to wash your dishes like normal. A little lather goes a long way, no need to overuse.

You can also cut off a small section and dissolve in hot water to use as a liquid dishwashing soap, but only do a small amount at a time as this soap does not contain preservatives against water-borne mold.

Do not use in dishwasher machine.

olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, french green clay, pacific sea salt

*while sodium hydroxide is a necessary component of the soap-making process, none remains in the finished product

Soap Dish 

Handmade in Oregon with repurposed wood scraps. 

Compost at the end of life. 

Heirloom Loofah Scrubbers

These heirloom loofahs are sourced from a single Mayan family farm in the tropics of Guatemala. Grown using traditional methods, these loofah are free of all pesticides and herbicides, and are completely unprocessed.

Each loofah comes compressed and flattened. Loofah will expand when wet.

Apply dish soap to loofah and use to wash dishes. Change loofah every 3 to 5 weeks depending on usage.

Loofas are 100% plant fiber and completely compostable. To discard: compost or simply bury in your garden. Loofah will decompose within 30 days. The paper label can be recycled or composted.

All Purpose Cleaner

Get a toxin-free clean from our natural and aromatic all-purpose cleaning spray. Works on all nonporous surfaces, such as countertops, porcelain, bathroom fixtures & more. Purposely fitted with a heavy duty spray nozzle, this natural cleaner is meant to be refilled again & again. 16 Fl oz in a gorgeous blue glass bottle. 

Ingredients; Water, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Sodium Borate, Sodium Carbonate, Fillaree Dish Soap, Essential Oil Blend. 

Dishwasher Detergent Pods

Dissolve food debris, fight stains and make your dishes, glassware and silverware sparkle like new. The natural detergent pods are biodegradable, yet formulated to cut through the toughest grease and food particles. 

The gentle scrub eliminates residue and protects glasses (even safe for fine crystal) from etching while the lemon scent leaves your glassware streakless and dishware smelling fresh and clean. 

Contains 64 pods lightly scented with natural lemon essential oils.

The pod membrane is a water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). When the film dissolves in your dishwasher and enters the water stream micro-organisms (including bacteria, yeasts, and fungi) that commonly exist in water treatment plants are capable of breaking down polyvinyl alcohol to water and carbon dioxide.

Lemon Dishwasher Detergent Pod Ingredients: Sodium carbonate (processing aid, CAS #497-19-8)*, sodium percarbonate (oxidant, CAS #15630-89-4)*, sodium citrate (chelating agent, CAS# 6132-04-03)*, Itaconix CHT 122 (chelating agent, CAS #1052620-22-0)*, alcohol alkoxylate (surfactant, trade secret)*, polycarboxylate sodium salt (polymer, trade secret)*, sodium metasilicate anhydrous (processing aid, CAS# 6834-92-0)*, subtilisin (Protease enzyme, CAS #9014-01-01)*, tetraacethylenediamine (TAED) (oxidant, CAS #10543-57-4)*, d-Limonene (fragrance, CAS #68647-72-3), alpha amylase (enzyme, CAS #9000-90-2)*, polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) (CAS #9002-89-5, biodegradable water soluble film)*. *Denotes plant or mineral origin.


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