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Men’s Grooming Set

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The perfect start to zero waste for men’s grooming

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Bourbon Beard Oil

Tame your bristly beard with our Bourbon Beard Oil. Daily use softens hair, moisturizes skin and keeps your beard fresh all day.

TO USE: After washing and detangling beard, rub one pump between palms and massage into beard and skin. Finish by brushing beard to evenly distribute oil.

Packaged in a reusable amber glass bottle with treatment pump.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic Argan Oil*, Organic Jojoba Oil*, Organic Essential Oils* 

Bourbon essential oil blend includes Cedar, Vetiver, Orange and Vanilla for a warm and smokey scent reminiscent of the best Tennessee Bourbons.

Bourbon Soap Bar

Finally, a socially acceptable way to have your bourbon before breakfast! 

For use while showering, shaving, or washing your beard, the smooth and relaxing scent of this Bourbon Bar will start your day off right. With notes of cedarwood, orange, vanilla, and a hint of smoke, it’s truly an intoxicating experience.

This soap was made in collaboration with Tennessee Bourbon – Belle Meade Bourbon, which is distilled by Andy & Charlie Nelson at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in Nashville, TN. 

Gentle, highly moisturizing, nourishing, and free of perfumes or dyes, Bourbon Soap is perfect for every day use and safe for those with sensitive skin – little ones included. Little Seed Farm uses fresh, raw milk from their own dairy herd. Each bar is proudly handcrafted and cured at Little Seed Farm in small batches using only the finest and most gentle ingredients:

Virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, grassfed goat’s milk, Belle Meade Bourbon, sodium hydroxide, organic orange, cedarwood, vanilla, and vetiver essential oils.

Key Ingredients:
OLIVE OIL (certified organic and cold pressed) – This oil has been used in skincare and health for centuries and its rich history isn’t just a fluke. Olive Oil is full of antioxidants (such as vitamins A and E) that help neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage. The hydrophilic properties of these antioxidants help to form a protective barrier, trapping moisture on your skin and allowing for longer hydration. Little Seed Farm uses cold pressed, certified organic oils to ensure that only the good stuff comes through in their soap.

COCONUT OIL (certified organic) – Helps strengthen underlying tissues and removes excessive dead cells on the skin’s surface, keeping skin soft.

RAW GOAT’S MILK – Milked fresh daily from a sustainably raised micro herd. The goats spend their days in the sun and fresh air on Little Seed’s pastures. They happily chomp on native grasses, herbs, and forages and give their thanks in the superior quality of milk they provide daily.

Goat’s milk is gentle, nourishing, and full of moisturizing butterfat that soothes dry or irritated skin. Because of its unique structure, in particular its short protein strands, the abundance of natural minerals and vitamins in goat’s milk is easily absorbed into your skin, helping to moisturize, protect, and heal.

To reap the maximum moisturizing benefits from your Farmstead Milk Soap, after lathering only rinse until the suds have disappeared. This leaves a silky layer of milky goodness to protect and heal your skin.

Wood Hair Comb

Known for its naturally antimicrobial and antifungal properties, the neem tree is highly prized in India for hair care.

These 100% pure neem wood hair combs are non-static. The combs are not treated with any oils or finishes.

Soap Dish

This unique soap dish is handmade in Oregon with repurposed wood scraps. 

This will be one of your easiest  zero waste swaps for a product that will last for years all while extending the life of your natural soap bars. 

The icing on the cake? Simply compost it once it reaches its end of life. 


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